Why did nobody help this girl who was run over?

Published on Aug 10, 2014 by promiseaid

If you’re lucky enough to live without want, it’s a natural impulse to help others in need. This is one of our favourite TED talk’s ever. Peter Singer explains the why and how of effective altruism.

“Effective altruism is important because it combines both the heart (empathy)and the head to make sure that what you do is effective and well-directed and not only that but also I think reason helps us to understand that other people are like us.”

Here are links to some of the causes that were mentioned in video:

80,000 hours – You’ve got 80,000 hours in your career. How can you use them to solve the world’s most pressing problems?

www.givingwhatwecan.org – Extreme poverty affects a third of the world’s population, bringing death, disease and starvation. It’s an ongoing disaster which we cannot ignore. But it can be solved.

The life you can save – In his book, The Life You Can Save, Peter Singer suggests a public standard minimum that we should expect ourselves and others to give to charity: 1% of our annual income.

Against Malaria - We fund nets and ensure they are distributed and used. We show you where the nets go. We monitor and report their use and impact.

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